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About us

Sila for Edible oils was established in 1992 as one of FMCG pioneers in Egypt, we developed our products to compete with the finest food oils in the Egyptian market, focused on manufacturing excellence and highest quality standards.

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Our Mission

As one of leading FMCGs in Egypt, we seek to provide consumers a high-quality edible oil to enhance food taste and elevate cooking experience. Also, we aim to offer the consumers a healthy alternative to high fats. We continuously innovate and develop new products that cater to evolving culinary trends and consumer preferences. Act as a catalyst for positive change in the culinary industry, promoting healthy and mindful cooking practices.

Our Vision

We believe that cooking is a form of art, Sila as an edible oil brand aims to be synonymous with excellence, recognized for our unwavering commitment to quality, health, and flavor. Beyond providing exceptional products, we aspire to be a trusted partner and a reliable source of knowledge, inspiring and educating our customers on the benefits of using our oils in their everyday cooking.

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Our Core Values


Providing our consumers with pure and fine edible oils is the number one priority.


We embrace a culture of constant innovation, continuously seeking new and creative ways to enhance our products, manufacturing processes and customer experiences. We invest in research and development to stay ahead of the market.

Customer Oriented

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We’re seeking for deeply understand their needs to be able to consistently improve our products quality therefore gain their trust and ensure their satisfaction.


We strive for excellence while developing our products and committed to reach a high level of quality.

Quality is Our Essential Ingredient

We’re committed to delivering high quality products that meet our customers’ expectations. Helping them create full of flavor meals without compromising their healthy standards.

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